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British and Polish multi-disciplinary fashion artist, Adriana (Adriana Krawcewicz)  was born in late 80’s Poland and works in visual and musical mediums to make personal and uplifting art. A born storyteller, she uses her art, creative direction, music, video and fashion to meditate on the personal and the universal journey.


Naturally inclined to music and art from childhood, her early talents were eventually matched by her growing passion for fashion. After graduating from London’s famous London College of in 2014 she gained vital industry insight working at Hunger Magazine, SHOWstudio and Lulu Guinness. As a freelancer, she refined her graphic skills and cultivated a unique visual style, becoming an in-demand fashion illustrator and art director. Clients include Oscar De La Renta, Ted Baker, Roberto Cavalli, Tod’s, Reserved, H&M, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue.


While fashion illustration satisfies part of her need for creative expression, for Adriana, music remained an essential part of her creative journey. From 2016, she started experimenting with songwriting, producing and directing fashion videos, combining new and old talents. Her unique graphic style and artistic vision translated effortlessly to the new medium with her music videos, One Day, Destiny and Hell Beings all winning major awards.


Always looking to push creative boundaries, her latest creative output combines all her passions plus a newfound interest in crypto-art and the latest NFT technologies. Her new video ‘Shiny Dress’ features her original song, her artistic vision, her styling and a selection of original artworks that are available as NFTs. From fashion illustration to songwriting, music video and designing NFTs, for Adriana creative storytelling is the key to everything she does.



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