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Mob Wife

your custom portrait

Imagine yourself or your loved one as a true Mob Wife, exuding confidence and strength. Picture them poised in a luxurious energy, surrounded by an air of elegance and mystery.
Gift a custom-made luxury fashion portrait by Adriana with through an exclusive gift card – and create a timeless masterpiece for your special someone.



Fashion Portraits has become Adriana's passion and led her to work with prestigious brands (Chanel, Oscar De La Renta, Vogue, V&A...) in London and globally, allowing her to perform portraits of VIPS and key influencers. Adriana's illustrations are usually only available at exclusive events - this special offer is now available for a limited time.

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Indulge in the epitome of sophistication with an elegant luxury fashion digital portrait by Adriana. Known for her impeccable attention to detail, she will transform a photo of yourself or a loved one into a high-end illustration. Delivered directly to your email inbox as a high res file, your unique portrait will be adorned with Adriana's digital signature for that extra touch of exclusivity. Free minted as NFT per request.


A special offer incudes:

  • Digital Portrait by Adriana: An exquisite, high-resolution luxury fashion digital portrait

  • Printed High-Quality Artwork: Your portrait expertly printed on high quality paper (from A3 to A1 - you  choose!)

  • Luxurious Framing: A carefully selected frame that enhances the overall aesthetic

  • Signature: Personally signed by Adriana, enhancing its exclusivity.

  • Email Delivery: Conveniently receive the digital file in your inbox.

"Each stroke of A  PORTRAIT is a STORY, capturing not just appearances but the essence of who they are. It's more than art; it's a narrative, a celebration of individuality that goes beyond the surface."


Whether you have any questions about the portraits or discuss a project, I would love to hear from you!

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